Learner support

learnerships - Internships - Graduates

The current learning and development environment for learners has become saturated with learnerships. Learners are being channeled through learnerships, one after the other with many not being afforded the opportunity to secure employment. These learners who fall short require more guidance and support to stand out from the rest of their peers.

The compliance for companies to adhere to B-BBEE codes of good practice has forced many companies to implement learnerships which scores them higher points under the Skills Development element of the scorecard. This in turn creates a huge challenge for Training providers to source the right demographics required for B-BBEE and often they have no choice but to resort to rotating learners across various learnerships. 

WSDP is passionate about up-skilling and addressing the unemployment rate in South Africa. We aim to equip these learners with the necessary tools to assist them in standing out and encouraging companies to absorb them. 

Learner services

  • WSDP assists in finding host companies for learners on learnerships/Internships/Graduates
  • Conduct Work readiness workshops to assist learners in understanding basic business etiquette
  • Interview workshops
  • CV compilation
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