companies can benefit in many ways when implementing learnerships, there are tax incentives, BEE points that can be claimed under skills spend, funding can be applied through the seta and unemployed/employed learners benefit from being developed

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Learnerships 101
23 July 2019 @ 12h00 - 13h00

The objective of this webinar is to gain a full understanding of what a learnership is and how to plan, implement and evaluate these programmes effectively.
A brief overview of the benefits of learnerships in terms of BBBEE and funding opportunities within the SETA environment will be covered.

This webinar will cover the following:
  • What is a learnership
  • Learnerships vs Internships/Apprentices/Skills Programmes
  • Various role-players in Learnership implementation
  • Benefits of Learnerships
  • Funding of learnerships
  • Planning, implementing and evaluation of Learnerships Benefits of offering an accredited programme.

Pricing for individual registrations INCLUDES the post assessment, but firm registrations are required to purchase assessments separately for each individual.
Please note: No credit notes will be issued for non-attendance of a webinar. Every individual or firm who is registered for a webinar, will receive an edited recording of the webinar.

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